A medium.com experience explores the future of cancer prevention and treatment.

Here’s some background.

Medium provides a platform for publishing media-rich stories. Seeing an opportunity to leverage the site’s immersive capabilities and its network of content, the American Cancer Society’s research team aimed to create an editorial that made the science of cancer understandable and engaging.

Getting to the end of cancer, as we know it, involves multiple paths. Researchers in their respective fields explore their own courses, but the trek along each path arrives at the same place. This essential premise lent itself to the metaphor of the hero’s journey, the odyssey to a promised land.

Each journey, highlighting epigenetics, technology, treatment, and prevention, was dedicated its own chapter and hero image. Animations, graphics, and illustrations within the chapters helped support the comprehension of each concept.


My friends at Pixel Pirate Studio helped animate the hero images.

The internal ACS motion team helped animate the support videos.


contributions: art direction, content strategy, creative direction, illustration, visual design