Relay For Life’s youth-focused program needed to extend its platform to the online space.

Here’s some background.

Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s flagship fundraising event. To better serve the youth who support RFL, a program was developed specifically for the children through their schools.

A web-based and age-appropriate destination was created to provide information on healthy habits, to offer downloadables, and to help manage fundraising efforts for kids, parents, and school administrators.

Let’s elevate!

The existing brand elements leaned towards simplicity and decoration. There was an opportunity to enrich the dimensionality of the core idea and its supporting assets. The kids, through their powerful help, became superheroes who affected amazing change.
Designing the full experience then became a fun exercise in creating a youthful environment from bold shapes, brand-complementary colors, and silly interactions.

contributions: art direction, brand strategy, content creation, creative direction, illustration, UX design, visual design