Smokers pledge to quit and loved ones show support with social media badges.

Here’s some background.

The American Cancer Society sponsors the Great American Smokeout, a program that asks smokers to stop smoking for the entirety of a day. The idea is that the single day can then jumpstart a longer streak and, eventually, lead to complete cessation.

Working together with the cancer research team, the digital experience team was able to identify several archetypes of smokers. We realized that, armed with knowledge of their own strengths and weaknesses, the smokers might fare a better chance at quitting.

These are The Quitters.

We created character personas for each type of quitter and posted social media assets (avis, banners, and badges) across several platforms to provide education and levity (an important goal was to thwart any discouragement a smoker might feel in their efforts).

These are The Supporters.

Quitting is, understandably, a challenge for many smokers. Luckily, many quitters are surrounded by loved ones who support and encourage them. So, the supporter archetypes received their own character personas as well!

contributions: art direction, campaign strategy, copywriting, creative direction, illustration, visual design

Thank you to my friends at Pixel Pirate Studios for the illustration and animation help!